About Tracie Ancelet

Tracie is a native Texan that moved to Knoxville, TN in 2003.  She has a degree in Elementary Education from the University of North Texas and taught 4th grade in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas for three years before starting a family with her husband, Ted.  After being a stay at home mom for eight years, Ancelet Photography was birthed.  Tracie loves relationships, eating Mexican food, the beach (but not really the sand), hanging out with her family, murder mysteries (shows like 48 hour mystery and dateline) and listens to podcasts like it's her job (second job).  

Tracie has won awards in the Knoxville area for her work as a photographer.  City View magazine's Favorite Portrait and Wedding Photographer 2015-2016 and Favorite Wedding Photographer 2016-2017.  

What's in her camera bag???   Tracie uses Canon.  She will tell you if she was stuck on desert island (she would NEVER MAKE IT) she would bring her 50mm 1.2 with her.  It's her favorite lens and is on her camera 80% of the time.  She also loves the 70-200 L series lens from Canon. 

Speaking of a desert island... Tracie's favorite shows are Survivor (yes, even after ALL these years), 48 Hour Mystery, Dateline, The Middle and The Goldburgs.

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